All Times Below Are in EDT

7:00 am
Registration & Welcome Coffee

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Diane Fortune Senior Director, Strategic Procurement, Travere Therapeutics

Outlining the Temporal & Long-Term Implications of the Pandemic on R&D Procurement & Sourcing in Pharma

8:10 am Turbocharging Digital Sourcing Innovation to Streamline your Process

  • Alice Przywarczak Director, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Kick-starting the conference with a hot topic on digital sourcing innovation to discover ways to continue to drive improved R&D efficiency.
Join us in this interactive breakfast briefing and hear from Alice Prywarczack from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals to understand digital sourcing techniques that can streamline your R&D procurement/ sourcing processes.

• Technology challenges to support growing R&D requirements and ongoing COVID market constraints

• Implementation of R&D external research marketplace and opportunity for lab supplies marketplace to streamline contracting and new supplier onboarding process

• Real time data innovation opportunity

8:50 am Supply Chain Global Shortages: Engineering New Business Strategies & Sourcing Models To Ensure Continued R&D Operations

  • Greg Mason Sr. Director, Global Categories Procurement, Lab Operations, Charles River Laboratories


• Adapting strategies to plan ahead and minimize risk in your supply chain
• Explore how to de-risk supply chain shortages with novel investment strategies
• Developing stronger partnerships with key suppliers to understand better forecast lead times and escalate critical shortages
• Improving insight into what’s really happening from an inventory perspective
• Review your existing sourcing models and vendor relationship to mitigate raw material and lab consumable shortage to ensure an undisrupted operations for scientists

9:20 am Panel Discussion: Driving More Efficient Sourcing Processes Through a Digital Platform


  • Customer success stories of streamlined processes
  • Intro to marketplace expansion into products
  • Biotech as a Service solution


9:50 am Reflecting on the Impacts of COVID: Testing Out Different Paradigms


• Exploring new business cases in terms of building up inventory and strategically investing
• Lessons learnt from the pandemic: driving the implementation of new technologies
• Diving into co-investment deals with suppliers

10:20 am Panel Discussion: Emerging Technologies to Enable R&D Procurement Visibility & Spend Management

  • David Karakas Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management, Intellia Therapeutics
  • Derek Pu Director, R&D & Ext. Manufacturing Procurement, Servier Pharmaceuticals
  • Diane Fortune Senior Director, Strategic Procurement, Travere Therapeutics
  • Ryan M Smith Associate Director, Procurement, Lyell Immunopharma
  • Anca Copaescu CEO, Strategikon Pharma


Now we are living in a digital world, COVID has accelerated industry-wide technology applications. Learn from experts in stimulating discussions on the benefits of implementing emerging technologies into practices to improve visibility and spend management. What are the practices that you seem to see evolving to assess and manage these risks?

10:50 am
Speed Networking & Morning Coffee Break


Reconnect and break the ice with your industry peers to spark conversations and share best practice over a morning coffee!

11:50 am How does your lab supply purchase process stack up against other R&D labs


In this session, we will be examining the lab supply purchase process for R&D labs and procurement teams.

  • Learn how ZAGENO is helping top global pharma companies survey their scientists to better understand the challenges in the current purchasing of lab supplies.
  • Discuss strategies that procurement leaders are putting in place to address scientists’ feedback.
  • Get a glimpse of our data and we will help you compare it with your own.

12:20 pm Roundtable: Sourcing Metrics & Operational Improvements in the Post- Pandemic World

  • Andrew Nation Associate Director, R&D Sourcing Excellence, Bristol Myers Squibb


  • Managing risk/measuring it in the new environment to be more flexible and agile for stakeholders
  • Supplier management / operational effectiveness in hybrid work environment
  • Supply chain constraints and role of procurement to help shape strategies on environmental, economic and social sustainability programs

12:45 pm Driving Internal & External Innovation in a Virtual Environment

  • Stefanie Kuhner Head of Clinical Technology, Innovation & Patient Recruitment - Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Bristol Myers Squibb


  • Effectively managing innovation in a virtual world: is the current model sustainable in the long-term?
  • How to engage with internal customers’ and external stakeholders’ collaborations?
  • Staying one step ahead – anticipating what your R&D team and portfolio need to find your next long-term partners
  • Overcoming the challenges of supplier and vendor risk assessment in a virtual world

1:15 pm
Networking Lunch

2:15 pm Quartzy: The All-In-One Platform for the Best Run Labs


  • Introducing Quartzy and how we can help you simplify and streamline the procurement process
  • Exploring the challenges faced in lab supply lifecycle
  • Evaluating Quartzy as your life science partner

2:45 pm Fireside Chat: What’s Next for Procurement?


Hear from industry experts on delving into the broader perspective of where the industry is going. How do you build thinking into your category strategies that anticipates these types of potential disruptions in the supply chain in future?

3:15 pm Identifying Hidden Costs & Savings on Lab Equipment Purchases


Focusing on -80°C freezers and incubators, this presentation will help reveal key differences and address

  • How equipment test results should be your “ask” with every purchase
  • Commonly overlooked soft-dollar savings and their significance to the lab and your organization
  • Energy efficiency: how kilowatt hours saved will impact electricity costs at the outlet, and further impact your Net Zero goals
  • Identifying a good warranty
  • The on-going, hidden costs of equipment and their impact on a TCO

    This presentation will offer a real-world analysis of key differences – both advantages and pitfalls – that will aid you in your life-science research equipment procurement strategies.

3:25 pm Make Source-to-pay (S2P) Application Easy to Use


  • How to navigate through user adoption challenges with your existing S2P application?
  • How to ensure change management practices are followed while implementing a S2P application?
  • How to improve self serviceability and productivity of employees during purchase requisition process thereby reducing support overhead?

3:35 pm
Afternoon Refreshment

Exploiting Emerging Technologies & Techniques in R&D Procurement

4:05 pm The Evolution of R&D Procurement

  • Eric Shobe VP Global Head of R&D Procurement, Novartis


• The potential “de-evolution” of R&D procurement
• Leveraging the R&D ecosystem/open science
• Digital procurement: is this finally becoming a reality?

4:35 pm Addressing the R&D behemoth: A different approach to deliver significant savings and ensure company budgets go further

  • Paul Kuiken Vice President Transformation Services Practice, G&L Scientific


  • How a holistic approach produces a sustainable organisation and cost model
  • Domain-centred expertise; a lever in delivering transformation impact
  • A case study in evidence-based rapid assessment approach to improve performance

4:50 pm Developing Sourcing & Procurement Strategies at Lightspeed

  • James Tornos Vice President, Sourcing & Enterprise Services - Research, Development and Medical Procurement, Pfizer


• Navigating a new paradigm in timelines from ideation to concept to launch
• Balancing financial optimization and supply assurance
• Bringing supply partners on board with new approaches

5:20 pm Defining KPIs & How to Best Assess Performance of your Team


• Understanding the importance of having KPI metrics and why companies should track this
• How KPIs can identify bottlenecks in procurement and highlight areas to focus the resource on
• Exploring how bottleneck identification can turn into actionable outcomes: what are the benefits and next steps

5:50 pm Chairs Closing Remarks & End of Day 1

  • Diane Fortune Senior Director, Strategic Procurement, Travere Therapeutics

Drinks Reception & Careers Evening


This career evening will help you build talents within your R&D Procurement & Sourcing organization.
Featuring case study on inspiring GenZ to join your team, we will be hosting a panel discussion
championing ED&I in the industry. Whether you are looking for a mentor or mentee, you can hear your
peers’ approach.

6:30 pm Panel Discussion

  • Jiali Chen Director, Head of Drug Development & Regulatory Strategic Sourcing, Biogen
  • Ishua Oronoz Global R&D Sourcing Excellence, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Alice Przywarczak Director, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Understanding the importance of progressing women and minorities in their careers, what’s the glass ceiling?

7:00 pm Roundtable Discussion

  • Andrew Nation Associate Director, R&D Sourcing Excellence, Bristol Myers Squibb


  • With old-fashioned paper & pens, this is the chance to discuss and identify barriers / difficulties you’ve found in you career progression to far
  • How can we be the best partners for our scientist – normalizing the transition from R&D to R&D procurement & sourcing

7:30 pm End of Careers Evening