Pre-Conference Workshops
Tuesday, April 26


Mechanisms of Driving Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives in the R&D Procurement & Sourcing in Pharma Industry

10.00 - 12.30 

Workshop Leaders:

The drive towards developing a well-established, diverse and inclusive procurement industry is moving fast and is at the forefront of the R&D Procurement & Sourcing in Pharma industry’s mind. Join this workshop to explore how today’s biopharma industry have driven effective D&I strategies, both within their companies and through supplier diversity initiatives.

Topics that will be addressed include:

• Exploring the opportunities of increasing D&I in R&D procurement services

• Driving the industry to close the gap of underrepresentation of minority communities in clinical trials

• How to tackle underrepresentation from early supply chain stages beginning with clear direction from the senior leadership team

• Moving towards partnerships with vendors that ensure they have a diverse population and how to identify and contract with them

• How to measure KPIs internally and externally

Manuele Burdese Headshot

Manuele Burdes
Senior Director, Head of Business Insights & Analytics Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
Bristol Myers Squibb

Tom Thattacherry Headshot

Tom Thattacherry
Head, Supplier Diversity


Defining Strategies of Improving Risk & Resilience: From Pre-Clinical to Clinical

14:00 - 16:30

Workshop Leader:

Having experienced, and reflecting on the pandemic, risk and resilience in the Procurement and Sourcing in Pharma industry is perhaps the most important lesson learned. Whether you are in pre-clinical or clinical procurement, risk and resilience is at the forefront of the industry’s mind.

Join leading experts at this workshop to deep-dive into:


• The vulnerability of supply chains and reimagining your business strategies

• Working to re-define supply footprint

• In a post-covid world: understand your internal customers’ necessities vs ‘nice to have’ to rebuild supply and inventory


• How to navigate and anticipate CRO & CDMO capacity and what does this mean to your strategic sourcing and SRM initiatives?

• Agility and processes to onboard innovative vendors to support scientific activities and clinical trials

David Karakas Headshot

Tom Karakas
Senior Director, Strategic
Sourcing & Supplier

Intellia Therapeutics