All Times Below Are in EDT

7:30 am
Morning Coffee

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Andrew Nation Associate Director, R&D Sourcing Excellence, Bristol Myers Squibb

Benchmarking Innovative Relationships with Suppliers & Effective SRM

8:40 am Establishing a Robust External Supplier Relationship Model for Pipeline Development


• Sourcing your capable partner in emerging science with limited supplier base
• Shifting the focus: value-based pricing model to drive win-win situation
• Balancing risk, reward and compliance

9:10 am Session Reserved for SAP Ariba

  • Richard Stack Global Chemical & Life Science Industries Director , SAP Ariba
  • Parry Gandhi Director, Supply Chain Business Network, SAP Ariba

9:40 am Panel Discussion: Data-Driven Approaches to Procurement & Supply Chain Strategy

  • Sarah Fay Managing Director, Glasswing Ventures
  • Todd Sells Director, Global Category Management, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Matthew Persic Director Procurement, Johns Hopkins University


  • Strategic metrics and how to use them
  • Implementing new technologies to gain transparency and visibility of spend
  • Simplifying purchasing for your internal teams

10:10 am Cultural Champion: Are You Your Scientists’ Best Business Partner?

  • Gerard Cardillo Vice President, Global Procurement, Charles River Laboratories


• Rebranding procurement/ sourcing to be the best business partner for scientific team
• How to simplify and expedite the source to pay process to allow the scientist to focus on science
• On-going focus and training focused on stakeholder engagement

10:40 am Understanding The Overall Value Your Clinical Supply Vendor Can Provide: Finding Dollars In Places Other Than Price

  • Tom Gottschalk Senior Director, Clinical Business Development, TrialCard


  • Define the goals of sourcing and procurement professionals
  • Learn about an innovative clinical supply process that provides supply and process cost savings and time efficiencies
  • Summing up the overall vendor value

11:10 am
Morning Coffee Break

11:40 am Leveraging Technology to Modernize R&D Procurement


  • Clinical outsourcing is highly complex from both bid structure and due diligence standpoint. Explore how greater standardization in category management can drive efficiencies and savings
  • How do you transform bid history into bid intelligence? Discuss how technology can reduce cost of outsourcing, while driving insights into outsourcing strategy
  • Clinical vendor oversight is both regulated and essential to business success. Technology can be the missing connector between disparate sources of metrics and lead to excellence in strategic partner performance management

12:10 pm Understanding & Outlining That Little Fish Like the Big Pond Too

  • Rose Prisco Associate Director, Clinical Procurement, Pacira Pharmaceuticals


• Exploring the benefits to supplier organizations when working with smaller clients
• To win all teams need to be supported by A teams
• Benchmarking what can we do to increase where we stand on your priority list?

12:40 pm Things to Consider When Selecting a Contract Analytical Laboratory Outsourcing Partner

  • Dale Hirst Biological Sciences Senior Group Leader, RSSL


  • Highlighting some of the key considerations you will need to include when selecting an outsource partner for laboratory services
  • Exploring regulatory Acceptance, Depth vs Breadth of Service, Experience vs Expertise, Global or Local, 3rd party co-operation and Project management

12:50 pm
Networking Lunch

Exploring the Availability of Capacity in the Industry

1:50 pm Panel Discussion – Exploring the Benefits of In- vs Outsourcing to Expedite Timelines

  • Jiali Chen Director, Head of Drug Development & Regulatory Strategic Sourcing, Biogen
  • Matt Mansfield Senior Director, Procurement, Relay Therapeutics
  • Steven K. Cray Head of External Supply Management – API Oncology & External Supply Small Molecule, Takeda
  • Derek Pu Director, R&D & Ext. Manufacturing Procurement, Servier Pharmaceuticals
  • David Karakas Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management, Intellia Therapeutics


Discuss whether continued in- or outsourcing can improve efficiency of timelines by either getting approved faster or failing faster.

2:20 pm Balancing in- and Outsourcing – Risks & Opportunities vs Portfolio Strategy


• Assessing increase in outsourcing amongst pharma and the advantages of developing an external supply base
• How do we use the external supply base more effectively to drive innovation and aid the portfolio?
• Honing into the different skill sets of scientific processes internally versus managing science externally

2:50 pm Building Strong Relationship with Suppliers in Biotech

  • Ryan M Smith Associate Director, Procurement, Lyell Immunopharma


  • Novel procurement strategy to engage with potential partners
  • What can you leverage as a biotech start-up to build successful long-term supplier partners?
  • When demand is low and forecasts are unknown, how do you get a supplier’s attention to prioritize urgent requests in a constrained market? 

3:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day Two

  • Andrew Nation Associate Director, R&D Sourcing Excellence, Bristol Myers Squibb


We hope you enjoyed this year’s R&D Procurement & Sourcing in Pharma Summit!