All Times Below Are in EDT

8:00 am
Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Benchmarking Innovative Relationships with Suppliers & Effective SRM

9:00 am Establishing a Robust External Supplier Relationship Model for Pipeline Development


• Sourcing your capable partner in emerging science with limited supplier base
• Shifting the focus: value-based pricing model to drive win-win situation
• Balancing risk, reward and compliance

9:30 am Building Strong Relationship with Suppliers in Biotech

  • Ryan M Smith Associate Director, Procurement, Lyell Immunopharma


• Novel procurement strategy to engage with potential partners
• What can you leverage as a biotech start-up to build successful long-term supplier partners?
• When demand is low and forecasts are unknown, how do you get a supplier’s attention to prioritize urgent requests in a constrained market?

10:00 am Cultural Champion: Are You Your Scientists’ Best Business Partner?

  • Gerard Cardillo Vice President, Global Procurement, Charles River Laboratories


• Rebranding procurement/ sourcing to be the best business partner for scientific team
• How to simplify and expedite the source to pay process to allow the scientist to focus on science
• On-going focus and training focused on stakeholder engagement

10:30 am
Morning Coffee Break

11:00 am Session Reserved for Clinical Maestro

11:30 am Understanding & Outlining That Little Fish Like the Big Pond Too

  • Rose Prisco Associate Director, Clinical Procurement, Pacira Pharmaceuticals


• Exploring the benefits to supplier organizations when working with smaller clients
• To win all teams need to be supported by A teams
• Benchmarking what can we do to increase where we stand on your priority list?

12:00 pm Panel Discussion – Choosing the Right Long-Term Partners for Your Clinical Manufacturing Activities

  • Steven K. Cray Head of External Supply Management – API Oncology & External Supply Small Molecule, Takeda
  • Derek Pu Director, R&D & Ext. Manufacturing Procurement, Servier Pharmaceuticals
  • Jiali Chen Director, Head of Drug Development & Regulatory Strategic Sourcing, Biogen


Clinical manufacturing is one of the critical activities during drug development program and the ability to source the right partner will help foster long-term relationship, product quality, scale-up for commercialization. At the moment, with limited capacity in the CMO market, this panel discussion will
• Review how to find the right partner for your product and pipeline
• Explore the definition of a successful partnership and how to set robust and realistic expectations for both parties
• Evaluate how a successful CMO partnership can give you a creative competitive advantage
• Translate these thinking into other R&D procurement and sourcing activities

12:45 pm
Networking Lunch

1:45 pm Emerging Technologies to Support Sourcing & Category Management in R&D


• Understanding the importance of building relevant content libraries for scientists
• Using online marketplaces for sourcing lab goods and services
• Navigating price benchmarking by using external market data platforms

Exploring the Availability of Capacity in the Industry

2:15 pm Panel Discussion – Exploring the Benefits of In- vs Outsourcing to Expedite Timelines

  • Matt Mansfield Senior Director, Dicerna
  • Brian Whitlock Vice President, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement R&D, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Jiali Chen Director, Head of Drug Development & Regulatory Strategic Sourcing, Biogen


Discuss whether continued in- or outsourcing can improve efficiency of timelines by either getting approved faster or failing faster.

3:00 pm Balancing in- and Outsourcing – Risks & Opportunities vs Portfolio Strategy


• Assessing increase in outsourcing amongst pharma and the advantages of developing an external supply base
• How do we use the external supply base more effectively to drive innovation and aid the portfolio?
• Honing into the different skill sets of scientific processes internally versus managing science externally

3:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day Two


We hope you enjoyed this year’s R&D Procurement & Sourcing in Pharma Summit!