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9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

New Trends in Biopharma R&D & Supporting Technology

9:10 am Regulatory & Data Considerations: Working Digitally & Securing Quality Partnerships with Clinical Sponsors


• Organizing and executing remote quality-oriented audits when on location isn’t possible
• Navigating increasing regulatory expectations on clinical sponsors when outsourcing activities and selecting vendors
• Quality aspects when selecting vendors: Considering data integrity with CROs and collaborating between contracting and quality departments

9:40 am Enterprise Gateway Marketplaces Transforms Legacy Procurement Software into a Modern Marketplace


Learn how EGMs integrate with existing procurement systems to offer advanced analytics

See how this technology helps you control spend leakage

Understand how advanced analytics are empowering procurement pros

10:10 am Speed Networking Break


Your second opportunity to take part in 1:1 networking with fellow attendees joining from across the US & EU. Meet your global peers and leading service providers to maintain connectivity with this industry’s people and progress.
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10:45 am New Technologies to Advance Your R&D Operation

  • Peter Gaskin Senior Director, Scientific Advisory Services, Charles River Laboratories


• What technologies are at today’s forefront for advancing gene therapy, gene editing and cell therapy
• Portfolio development and emerging technologies (preclinical & beyond, analytical technology improvement to support advanced therapies: e.g. gene editing, ddPCR, and bioinformatics advances)
• Investments in cell therapy manufacturing companies
• Technologies to enhance and improve working in the virtual environment

11:15 am Aligning Procurement and R&D – Best Practices in this New Age

  • BJ Birtz Vice President of Sales, JAGGAER


• Procurement for research organizations is hard. But it shouldn’t be
ignored. We believe there are better ways to align procurement,
researchers, and suppliers
• What do labs really need? How do they find it today?
• What bad assumptions do researchers make about procurement and vice versa?
• Why is this problem?

11:45 am Networking Break


Whilst enjoying a bite to eat, you can take part in:

121 Pre-Scheduled Meetings with Our Event Partners:
Take part in 1:1 networking with leading solution providers and learn how capabilities can fast-track your team’s pipeline progress

Group Networking:

Join your fellow attendees in the chat rooms for groups discussions reflecting on the earlier sessions. Collaborate and connect to consider applying new ideas and innovations to propel your pipelines forward.

SRM 2.0 & Driving Innovation

12:15 pm Maintaining Strong Supplier Relationships & Leveraging this to Grow


• Working proactively to mitigate delays and supply chain disruptions
• Identify and strengthen areas of vulnerability
• Exploring new supplier opportunities in a fast-moving industry that is
pharma R&D
• How to identify supplier risk and nurture preferred suppliers through a
robust SRM program

12:45 pm Addressing Challenges of Accessing New Vendors

  • Matt Mansfield Senior Director Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals


• Developing a long-term partnership
• How can biopharma be a tier 1 client
• Building relationships when resources are scarce
• Collaboration looping in cost reduction targets

12:45 pm Interactive Roundtable Discussion: How Do You Know You’re Picking the Right Solution for Your Organization?


Join a discussion to hear varied experiences across the R&D procurement & sourcing continuum.
• Implementing a new technology or solution successfully and evaluation methods
• How are people dealing with vast scale of technological advancements?
• What have you been finding is effective to evaluate new innovations?

2:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks: End of the 5th R&D Sourcing & Procurement in Pharma Summit


We hope you enjoyed your time at the virtual summit and look forward to hearing about your 2021 progresses at next year’s event!