9:00 am Coffee & Registration

9:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Be Your R&D Business Partners – From Pre-Clinical to Clinical

9:45 am Opening Address: Clinical Operations vs Clinical Procurement – Eliminating the Barriers


  • Defining the roles of clinical operations and clinical procurement
  • How can sourcing/ category management team help build vendor relationships for operations to support a smooth and timely clinical trial?

10:15 am Success Story: Quality as a Key Partner in R&D Supplier Performance Management and Vendor Oversight

  • Olivier Steinmetz Head of Quality – Global Vaccines Strategic Alliances & Third Parties in R&D, GSK


  • Collaborative processes between Procurement and Supplier Performance Management within R&D functions
    • Supplier Performance Management is the necessary function to assure services delivered by vendors fit the business needs. Tailored governance to drive the relationship with vendors enables Innovation, Performance and Trust. For vendors to adjust and improve their service, performance KPIs must be reviewed frequently and issues escalated diligently. R&D scientists require high-performing vendors, SPM processes ensure the day-to-day satisfaction at operational level
  • Where Quality has a role to play in the end-to-end SRM process, from Selection to Execution
    • Quality processes are essential to assure compliance with regulations for Pre-Clinical, Clinical and Manufacturing operations in R&D. Beyond regulated activities, Quality dept. defines good scientific practices and scientific operational excellence standards. Technical capability assessments of vendors by Quality adds value in the selection process. Fit-for-purpose quality requirements in the contract ensure appropriate operational standards are applied by vendors and facilitate oversight. Quality dept. aggregates operational metrics to score the vendor Quality performance and risks, influencing the Selection process
  • Vendor performance and risk management as competitive advantage – get your stakeholders at the Procurement table
    • The combination of operational performance management and quality/compliance risk assessments provides  business and procurement a strong insight on vendors service value. It is therefore essential that SPM and Quality collaborate with Procurement, and combine their processes to govern, control, improve the vendor relationship, accelerate performance and manage risks

10:45 am Morning Coffee & Networking Break

11:15 am It Takes Time to Change – So Let’s Start Now: How Procurement Can Provide Governance & True Value Adding Services


  • The evolving role of procurement and sourcing – how to stay ahead of the rapidly changing and volatile portfolio?
  • How supplier relationship management can bring value to the business beyond savings
  • The complexities of clinical phases – how to better manage suppliers and who should own supplier oversight?
  • Lessons learned and what’s next?

11:45 am Quick Fire: The Rising Stars of R&D Procurement – Who Speak the Language?

  • Akbar Alinani Director, Sourcing Excellence R&D & BPO Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Anita George Executive Director, Global Sourcing R&D , Allergan
  • Robert Vaccaro Director, R&D Strategic Sourcing, Amgen


Panellists will share their own experience in:

  • Driving as collaborative culture within organization
  • Procurement vs. scientific knowledge – how to strike a balance?
  • The emerging theme of operations and vendor oversight – how should procurement fit in and align?


Balancing Strategic & Operational R&D Procurement

12:20 pm Lunch & Networking Break

1:20 pm Reflections & Actions


Based on the sessions this morning, audience will have the opportunity to reflect and discuss on actionable points in a round-table format. Delegates will be able to choose one of the following track to exchange ideas.

The goal is to share one key takeaway at the end of the discussion.

Sourcing and Category Management Challenges and Solutions in

Group 1: Third party management and vendor oversight

Group 2: From pre-clinical to clinical procurement: can we bridge the gap for smooth transition?

Group 3: Asset utilizations and OEMs: what is the new operating model?

2:00 pm Case Study: The Rise of Virtual Biotechs – Complete Outsourced R&D Programs


  • Pros and cons of outsourcing R&D to CDMOs
  • The need for clear vendor vetting, legal agreements and IP ownerships
  • Flexible model to minimize risks
  • What can procurement do to support this outsourcing?

2:30 pm In or Out? Can Procurement Help with this Decision Making?


  • In- or outsourcing: what will help you gain the best competitive advantage and make the most commercial sense
  • Reviewing internal capabilities vs external resources
  •  Assessing risk profile and development timeline – support and strategic insights from procurement

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close of Conference