Deep Dive

Supplier Relationship Management

Deep Dive Leader: 

Mark Davis
Founder & Principal 

Wednesday, August 5

Optimization of development time and the rise of virtual biotechs simply mean drug developers have increasingly looked at leveraging external expertise. Over recent time we have seen an increasing amount of the R&D program to be outsourced – whether it’s through CRO or clinical trial services or clinical manufacturing. The complexities of sourcing the right partner(s), managing contracts and supplier performance have added new challenges to the R&D procurement function, leading to lack of focus on maintaining strong vendor relations and loss of the potential value this can unlock.

In this comprehensive end-to-end deep dive, you will explore:

• How to justify funding to set up a dedicated SRM team and the value this can add to your procurement team
• Where would this team fit within the organization and key responsibilities
• The pitfalls seen from dual rolling SRM with category management
• SRM advanced strategies and choosing between competence and compliance when selecting long-term suppliers
• Methodologies to manage this team moving forward and key KPI’s