8:30 am Welcome Coffee & Registration

The Move from In-house to Clinical Outsourcing

9:30 am Chair’s Opening Address

9:40 am Optimizing R&D Costs with Machine Learning: How A Big Pharma Diagnoses & Improves Research Efficiency with AI-Assisted Reagent Selection

  • Deborah Franco Global Sourcing Manager Scientific Services , Novartis


• Innovation driven by technology: how machine learning is optimizing reagent selection and reducing the burden of selection and validation. Initial situation and challenges

• Unlocking value with AI: Operational efficiencies, reducing search time, avoiding waste, accelerating science

• Transformation and expansion: how the positive results have led to into the project expansion and  collaboration

10:10 am Vendor Management vs. Category Management – Orchard Therapeutics’ Journey to Support an Increasingly Complex and Global Business

  • Kris Ward Director, Procurement, Orchard Therapeutics


• Cost vs. benefits of each approach
• Gauging current/future organizational maturity, complexity and business needs to develop your procurement roadmap
• Influencing total cost of ownership to engrain procurement as a trusted business partner

10:40 am Buyer-Focused Private Marketplace Procurement: How Novel Solutions Are Shifting Power to Buyers While Aligning the Interests of Both Buyer & Supplier?


  • Benefits, limitations and history of hosted catalogs, Level 1 and Level 2 punchouts
  • Overview of new emerging models for procurement from new distributor models to marketplaces
  • Evaluation of model maturity from a customer experience, analytics, pricing, and supplier management perspectives
  • How new offerings are leveraging intelligent agents and powerful analytics to enhance the power of buyers and the effectiveness of suppliers

11:10 am Speed Networking & Morning Coffee

12:10 pm Discussion: Vendor Oversight and Risk Management Approaches Across the Pharma Industry

  • Umar Salahuddin Director, Research, Development & Sourcing, Biogen
  • Rinaldo Dorman Senior Manager, R&D Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing , Sarepta Therapeutics
  • Limor Glick Executive Director, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing , Corbus Pharmaceuticals
  • Mark Davis Founder & Principal , NegotiumBio


• Large, mid-sized and small pharma contrast how many internal resources are dedicated to vendor oversight activities? In what function do these resources reside?
• How are sponsors interpreting the guidelines in different ways, to avoid negative inspection?
• Having transitioned from large pharma to small biotech Rinaldo Doorman from Cerevel shares the difference in vendor oversight approaches

12:45 pm Program Partner: LexisNexis

  • Erin Benson Director Market Planning , LexisNexis Risk Solutions

1:15 pm Networking Lunch

2:15 pm Case Study on Supplier Spend Analytics for Clinical Trials


• Data sources and software application
• Supplier spend history for analytics and contract negotiation
• Supplier budget monitoring and metrics
• Supplier spend forecasting to predict future challenges

2:45 pm Case Study: Automating & Harmonizing RFP Processes for a Phase 3 Neurodegenerative Rare Disease Clinical Trial Using Clinical MaestroTM

  • Farah Ahmad Chief Commercial Officer , Clinical Maestro


• End the pitfalls of Excel-based budgeting and simulate clinical study budgets and operational scenarios in a few hours
• See how bid and cost driver standardization increases bidding transparency and drives down costs
• Leverage information provided in bid negotiations to help Sponsors better understand exactly what they are paying for: rates, effort and services
• Examine how the sourcing for a phase 3 study was completed in 101 fewer hours, or 84% faster than traditional sourcing tools, using Clinical Maestro

3:15 pm Your Voice. Participate in 1 of 3 discussions, the top 3 points from each table will be shared


A: Will collaboration for market insight on supplier cost help or hinder competition?

B: Onshore vs offshore:What delivers the biggest total cost savings?

C: What are you top 3 negotiation tactics for minimizing spend?

4:00 pm Afternoon Tea & Networking Break

4:30 pm Proven Technology Driven Clinical Trial Supply Alternative

  • Tom Heck Senior Vice President, Clinical Trial Services, TrialCard


  • Learn about an innovative and more efficient strategy that is changing the paradigm of clinical trial supply
  • Understand how the alternative strategy saves time, money, mitigates risks and reduces clinical trial supply hassles
  • Hear real-life case studies proving time and resource savings
  • See how meeting the target “Study Start” and “First Patient In” date is more easily accomplished

4:40 pm Contracting – Who Drives the Content

  • Rose Prisco Associate Director Clinical Procurement, Pacira Pharmaceuticals


• Dissecting the best governance and processes between business, legal, procurement and compliance for airtight contracts. At what instances is a review of a standard contract needed?
• Importance of clear communication within your project team
• Procurements role in implementing training for budgeting and contracting within clinical trials

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:15 pm Close of Day 1