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Clinical Maestro™ is an end-to-end elegant cloud-based platform to more efficiently budget, source and manage complex clinical programs. We believe that intuitive technology, complete transparency and effective communication between biopharmaceutical companies and providers will revolutionize the productivity of clinical



Event Partner is the world's largest enterprise marketplace for outsourced R&D services. The marketplace simplifies the entire research sourcing process, saving time and money while maintaining full compliance with an organization’s procurement policies.  The marketplace features 3,000+ registered suppliers offering over 4,000 research areas across multiple industries. operates private enterprise marketplaces for most of the world’s top 25 major pharmaceutical companies, more than 40 biotechnology companies and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Event Partner

Raffles provides small molecule process development and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical industry. We deliver enabling materials, from small quantities of unique compounds to support early pre-clinical development, to large volumes of intermediates for clinical studies and commercial supply. Specialties include chiral compounds, unnatural amino acids, and sulphur containing molecules. Raffles operates 40,000 sq. ft of modern, well-equipped facilities across two sites in Guangdong, China, and a business development and technical support function in Philadelphia.

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MolPort was created in 2006 to help scientists accelerate drug discovery by handling the ordering process of screening compounds and building blocks. Our goal is to help scientists focus on their research, not on procurement. Compound sourcing is a very specific job that requires very specialized expertise and software tools. MolPort specializes in sourcing hundreds or thousands of compounds from dozens of suppliers. MolPort can help you to procure compounds and prepare them for use. Here is how:

  • Consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers into one shipment
  • Sample reformatting according to your requirements
  • Quality control tests at an independent laboratory
  • Custom Synthesis sourcing of individual compounds and libraries